Intruder PB6763.2019


This serie of 28 photos were shot on a freezing winterday in february of 2021.

During one week of winter weather temperatures dipped well below zero while on the first days there was a strong north-easterly wind. Because the water was not yet frozen the waves of the Lauwersmeer in the north of The Netherlands crashed onto the shores. This formed outherworldly ice sculptures with a goldeness look, the result of water not being clear at that time. The vegetation on the shores mixed with the snow and ice made some stunning scenes which had to be photographed.

One week later all of this had dissapeared due to warmer weather.

Prints of this unique serie can be purchased through the normal online shops, click here to go directly to the shop.

Print advice : Paper (framed), Xpozer or Acrylglas for best printresult.

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