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Before and After

A frequently asked question to me is ; Do you edit your photos ?

Answer : offcourse I do ! Every professional or 'serious' amateur edit their photos. Nowadays we are all 'photographers' having 24/7 a pocket-camera with us. And with the current quality of phone-cameras and editing apps everybody can make their own masterpiece.

Ever since the first day of photography photographers have been working to manipulate their photos in order to get the best results to show off their work. Already photographers who shot with film and developed and processed their own film in the dark room have been doing that. Also pre-editing, using (gel)-filters on a shoot in the field, is a kind of 'editing'.

Nowadays, photoshop is important step in the photographer's workflow to process/edit their photos. Like in the old days when photographer's edited their film-negatives, digital negatives (RAW-files) are being edited to max out their potential. When editing RAW files, you can stay as close to the original photo or you can go completely overboard in processing/editing a photo. I do a little bit of both.

For me, postprocessing has been always an important part of photography and I use it in most of the cases to complement the original RAW file. But sometimes I get creative and create an image, not staying close to the original RAW file at all. An example of this is changing the foliage colors and softening the image for a dreamy look.

I call myself an image-creator because that is what in my opinion a better 'job title' for what I am doing. All photos on this website are shot and created by me. To give you an idea of some of my editing, I showcase on this page some before and after examples.

Point your mouse to the left and right bottom corner to move the middle slider.

Delight PB9239.2020

Nostalgia PB8799.2020

Path Of Life PB8690.2020

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